Wouldn’t you like to be a champion in your members’ eyes?

All financial transactions – in fact, financial interactions of every kind – require the account owners to verify they are who they say they are.

It’s pretty easy for some channels. If it’s an online transaction, most browsers will save passwords for you. And if it’s transactions on your mobile device, most financial apps enable you to access your account via biometrics.

But compare this to what it’s like for a member who reaches your call center or goes through your drive-through. And someday soon, when he or she will again be able to walk into one of your branches to complete a transaction.

Chances are good your call center, drive-through, and lobby all have different member authentication routines. And they probably all require the member to disclose some form of personally information, either spoken aloud or physically presented.

There has to be a better way, right?

You’re probably already about 2/3 of the way there

Let’s assume your credit union already has solid, well-priced financial products and your team has the service skills to make almost every member experience memorable. You’d be batting .667, which is awfully darn good. More consistently satisfying member experiences across all channels would take you up to a perfect three-for-three.

Consistent cross-channel member experiences: the gold standard

It’s a great target to shoot for. It’s also an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the other financial players in your market. In practice, it may be as straightforward as adopting and offering MemberPass personal digital ID to your members.

When you do so, each and every member owns his or her ultra-secure and unhackable MemberPass ID. Whichever channel they use, it makes the transaction faster, easier and more satisfying.

MemberPass is the ticket to better member experiences, regardless of the channel they use

Start to deliver noticeably better experiences today and you’ll be delighting your members tomorrow!

To learn more about MemberPass, email us to request a demo or FAQ list, register to attend a webinar, or visit us at www.memberpass.com.

Bonifii, a credit union service organization, offers MemberPass, the simplest, most secure, and convenient member identity verification method. We leverage touchless technology to protect you and your members. Visit www.memberpass.com or email sales@memberpass.com.