These past few months have been among the most extraordinary times any of us can remember. The COVID impact is all around us, impacting our lives, our work, the economy, and for sure we are on the onset of new realities that we are learning how to deal with daily.

Recently, John Ainsworth participated in several virtual town hall sessions with Mark Sievewright of Sievewright & Associates and Chuck Fagan of PSCU. The discussions were incredibly valuable in understanding not only what credit unions have done to adapt to the impacts of the pandemic, but, also, how they are adapting their strategies especially for this new digital environment we’re in.

During the town hall sessions, Chuck emphasized that “The Future is Now”. His point was that many of the future digital banking trends and related strategic initiatives credit unions are focused on (and preparing for) are being “fast-tracked” to today.

We have started to see how the pandemic is creating a permanent shift in the financial behaviors of our consumer-members and small businesses, especially in their increased use of digital solutions and their need for touch-less or touch-free interactions.

Mark recently spoke about the four components that create exceptional member service: convenience, ease of use, personalization, and security. There’s a fifth—safety.

In providing exceptional member service, credit unions need to deliver digital trust. Protecting and safeguarding your members’ identity will be the key to developing digital trust with your members. Your solution is MemberPass, the simplest, secure solution to verify your member’s identity across all channels!

Your first step begins with participating in CULedger’s Digital Trust Registry, which ensures identity trust behind each secure, interoperable transaction. Much like registering a public domain for a web site on the Internet, the Digital Trust Registry holds a credit union’s unique public identifier on a global distributed ledger designed exclusively to support digital trust networks and verifiable digital credentials. This public identifier, or decentralized ID, is like the credit union’s public domain and will be how a credit union is recognized in the decentralized identity ecosystem.

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