We’ve been talking about self sovereign, digital ID technology for the last few years and what a game changer it will be for many industries — including credit unions. Well, it’s here today in the form of MemberPass and it’s being used by the fine folks at Desert Financial Credit Union.

Desert Financial’s EVP Ron Amstutz joined us on the show to share why they launched MemberPass, how its being used, staff/member feedback so far (soft roll out to specific members), COVID-19 influence, future uses, and much more. It’s yet another digital arrow in a credit union’s digital offering quiver to make credit unions that much more valuable — and secure.

Very exciting for credit unions to see a really cool idea that seemed like an episode of The Matrix just a few years ago now coming to fruition and actually being used as what is now known as privacy technology. An incredible leap that’s now a bonafide reality. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.