– Survey conducted by Filene Research Institute indicates growing demand for self-controlled identity solutions for sensitive transactions –

DENVER, Oct. 29th 2020 – A survey from MemberPass™, the flagship contactless identity solution powered by credit union service organization (CUSO) CULedger, found that more than two-thirds of adults would have more trust in their financial institution if they offered a mobile-based biometric authentication solution for in-person or phone-based transactions.

Covid-19 has had an immediate impact on how consumers interact with their bank or credit union. The survey found 51% of bank customers, 68% of credit union members and 82% of those with accounts at both types of institutions reported changing their preferred contact methods due to the pandemic. This showcases that there is a distinct shift in channel utilization, with many branches having to modify the way they authenticate their members’ identities.

As habits change, the demand for strong security and fraud protection remains a driving concern for all consumers. The survey found more than half (51%) of all credit union members had experienced identity theft and 68% had experienced debit or credit card fraud. These experiences influence the way people feel about authentication tools, with 61% of ID theft victims and 69% of card fraud victims indicating they would use a mobile biometric-based authentication solution to better protect their accounts.

“The findings from this survey confirms that there a demand from consumers to upgrade security for financial interactions at credit unions,” said Julie Esser, senior vice president, marketing and communications. “With MemberPass, credit unions can extend an extra level of security, trustworthiness and transparency with every transaction, allowing members to be in control of their identity while streamlining the authentication process.”

The MemberPass app puts control of a member’s identity and authentication in their control. As an omnichannel solution, users of the app eliminate the need for knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions when calling contact centers or visiting credit union branches. The app provides a contactless form of authentication that is perfect for the current masked environment. Members will also be able to verify the credit union representative contacting them, which is increasingly important in a time where fraudulent outreach is becoming common.

For information about how MemberPass works and to see the app in action, visit https://www.memberpass.com/memberpass-revolutionizing-hello-in-banking/.

This nationally represented study was conducted in partnership with the Filene Research Institute who surveyed 1,028 American adults about their perceptions of MemberPass between September 22 and 26, 2020. To learn more about the survey research results, attend this webinar on November 12.

About MemberPass™

MemberPass™, powered by Denver-based credit union service organization (CUSO) CULedger, is the simplest, most secure solution to verify credit union members through leveraging touchless, privacy-enhancing technology. The MemberPass app protects credit unions and their members from identity theft and fraud with a member-friendly user experience. For more information, visit www.memberpass.com or email us at sales@memberpass.com.