Privacy technology has direct applicability to financial services

COVID-19’s steady spread across the United States has fueled drastic changes across almost all facets of everyday life. Not least of these is how members interact with their credit union.

Institutions everywhere have either severely curtailed branch access or eliminated it entirely. This means members have to use different access options when they want to open an account, add a product, deposit a check or make a service request. Now, they have to do it online, on an app, through a call center or in a drive-through lane.

To make matters even more challenging for your staff, members who come into the branch lobby for an appointment are likely to have their face obscured by masks. The problem is even worse when it’s a masked member in the far drive-through lane.

MemberPass is the perfect solution to COVID-19-related identity challenges

MemberPass provides the digital tool for credit unions to quickly and confidently verify member identity. Even when masks obscure facial features, MemberPass provides an improved member experience, reduces fraud risk and increases operational efficiency. It’s a trifecta of benefits!

MemberPass is the digital identity app members can use to control their own credentials and protect their privacy and security. They make no contact with touch pads or have to remove a mask or gloves while doing financial business.

The app operates on a self-sovereign identity model. It’s on the member’s mobile phone and it holds secure identification credentials. The actual verification process is safe, secure and simple.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, MemberPass can help you increase member satisfaction and build greater digital trust

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MemberPass, powered by a credit union service organization, offers a simple and secure solution to verify member identities. It leverages touch-less, privacy-enhancing technology to keep your members safe. Visit or email us at