We’re proud to take a giant step closer to enabling credit union members to own their digital identity information

Today, the MemberPass™ app is available for free download in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


The MemberPass™ app gives your members access what they want most: control of their own information. The app operates on a self-sovereign identity model. This means it’s digital identity credentials that hold member ID information ultra-securely.

It’s like the physical credentials your members already have. Except in this case, no one else can see them, change them or take them away. The digital identity wallet and credentials inside it belong to the person who owns the information. And only that person.

Members enjoy five great benefits when they use the MemberPass™ digital identity app:

  • Establish a secure and virtually hack-proof credit union connection.
  • Store, maintain and control their own digital identity credentials.
  • Protect against identity theft.
  • It’s touch-less, so health and safety concerns are avoided.
  • Use their digital identity credentials easily and conveniently across all of your member contact channels.

Decentralized self-sovereign identity technology will continue to evolve and grow. MemberPass™ will too. The core credential exchange technology that serves as the MemberPass™ engine is being adopted across the globe.

Our launch of the MemberPass digital identity app is one step toward better.
And each additional decentralized identity enhancement gets us closer to the goal to put digital identity firmly back in member’s hands.


See how easy it is to create greater digital trust between you and your members in your branches. Contact us to learn more about MemberPass™. You can request a demo, register for a webinar, or review our FAQ when you visit us at www.memberpass.com.

MemberPass™, powered by a credit union service organization, offers a simple and secure solution to verify member identities. It leverages touch-less, privacy-enhancing technology to keep your members safe. Visit www.memberpass.com or email us at sales@memberpass.com.