With branches requiring masks to be worn (how ironic is that?), call centers being dealing with fraudsters, and nobody wanting to touch a driver’s license, how do we know who a member really is in today’s new normal? Many credit unions have adopted work arounds to address this identity issue, but there are a few caveats that keep them from being completely ideal.

One solution that seems to have truly practical legs during this time — and well into the future, for that matter — is digital ID, where a credit union can securely confirm a member’s identity through a mobile app. And the uses of a digital ID can go far beyond banking, as well.

To get the inside scoop on the advent of digital ID and its security benefits, we invited CULedger President/CEO John Ainsworth on show. John gives a quick update on CULedger and its MemberPass digital ID app for credit unions, as well as why this privacy technology is ripe for credit unions to use right now — which, again, can be used beyond banking but all based at your credit union.