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What is MemberPass?

MemberPass is a new form of account authentication all done through your digital device. This authentication uses “bio-metrics”—individual features including fingerprint or facial recognition to confirm your identity. The combination of these enhancements result in authentication that is very efficient and highly secure to use.

How can MemberPass benefit me?

Offers full control of your personal information, on your own device, with each interaction.

Removes the need for using or others handling your physical identification.

Provides a single verification method for your interactions with your credit union’s branch and contact center teams.

Member FAQ

What is MemberPass?2020-10-06T14:16:16-06:00

MemberPass is a digital ID held by credit union members that protects credit unions and their members from identity theft and fraud in all banking interactions, from call center authentication to lending to new account opening. MemberPass is a simple, secure replacement for traditional knowledge-based interrogation contact centers employ today to authenticate members calling for call center services. MemberPass seamlessly authenticates both, the member and the credit union to each other, in any call-in, drive-up or walk-in exchange, providing a consistent, frictionless experience across all channels.

Where is the member’s personal information stored?2020-10-06T14:02:50-06:00

The member’s MemberPass personal information is encrypted and stored in a secure location on their mobile device. It is not stored in a central database that could be hacked or otherwise accessed by others – it is always with the member, on their device. And because their biometrics or 6-digit PIN are used to unlock their MemberPassTM on their device, only the member can access and use their data.

Who can own a MemberPass?2020-10-06T14:16:10-06:00

MemberPass can be owned by individuals, small businesses, or any organization of any form that has a membership with an issuing credit union. 

Who has access to the member’s personal information?2020-10-06T14:02:41-06:00

Only the member has access to their MemberPass personal information. MemberPass allows the member to manage who they share their identity with; ensure the member is sharing their identity with the intended recipient (i.e., they are sharing with your credit union versus a bad actor imitating your credit union); and store their digital credential on their secure device and never in a central database subject to compromise.

MemberPassTM puts the member in control. The member is the only one in control of their identity information and share it only when giving their permission. And only the intended recipient can access information from the member’s MemberPass.

Where can I use my MemberPass?2020-10-06T14:09:43-06:00

Currently you can use MemberPassTM at any participating credit union any time you interact with your credit union whether you log in online to access your accounts, visit a branch or call into the call center.   

In the future, you will be able to use your MemberPassTM for things outside of the credit union, like an employer or government.

Does MemberPass work on both Android and iOS devices?2020-10-07T09:03:50-06:00

Yes, the MemberPass digital identity wallet app is available and supported in both the three most recent versions of iOS and Android and will work on the following devices:
• Apple iOS 10.3 and above
• Android 6.0 and above

How does MemberPass handle multiple owners related to an account?2020-10-06T14:02:33-06:00

The way multiple owners are set up with an account depends on your credit union’s core processing system. MemberPass supports this in several different ways but the integration is on the core side. For Symitar as an example, the credit union can treat each phone number and the relationship with the member, be it a primary or joint, as their own entity. If a joint member calls or comes in requesting information about their account, the credit union can ask for the account number and then the teller is able to select who is being authenticated (primary number or joint number) via MemberPass. That lets the credit union know who they are supposed to be speaking with and then tailor what information that member is are allowed to access.

Where is my MemberPass stored?2020-10-06T14:09:33-06:00

The MemberPass digital ID is securely stored in a separate digital credential wallet/app on the member’s smart device. Some credit unions, however, may integrate this digital credential wallet function into their own mobile banking app.

Is there a charge to download the app?2020-10-07T09:35:39-06:00

No, there is no charge to the member to download the MemberPass digital identity wallet app.

Does a member need a smart phone to use MemberPass?2020-10-06T14:09:26-06:00

Yes. MemberPass leverages the security features of the smart phone to protect the member’s digital identity within the digital identity wallet that resides on their phone. Since the wallet is also secured with biometric and/or 6-digit PIN access, their MemberPass digital ID remains secure should their phone ever be lost or stolen.

Where can a member use MemberPass?2020-10-07T09:03:37-06:00

Currently, your members can use their MemberPass at any participating credit union any time they interact with your credit union whether they visit or drive up at a branch or call into the call center.

Can I backup my MemberPass?2020-10-06T14:09:20-06:00

You can back up your MemberPassTM from the settings menu of the Connect.Me application. We recommend that you do this whenever you update your information. MemberPassTM creates a securely encrypted file of your information and your activity. You can choose to save this in your favorite location such as: 

  • OneDrive 
  • iCloud 
  • Dropbox 
  • Google Drive 

You should keep this file safe in case you need to restore your MemberPassTM in the future. Remember to take regular backups.

Can members use their MemberPass in other places outside of the credit union?2020-10-06T14:07:22-06:00

Portability and interoperability are two important features that make MemberPass unique and gives your members freedom to use their digital identities anywhere and not just your credit union and regardless if your credit union participates in a shared branching network. In the future, your member will be able to use their MemberPass for things outside of the credit union, like an employer or government.

Where is my personal information stored?2020-10-06T14:09:13-06:00

Your MemberPassTM data is encrypted and stored in a secure location on your mobile device. It is not stored in a central database that could be hacked or otherwise accessed by others – it is always with you, on your device. And because your biometrics are used to unlock your MemberPassTM on your device, only you can access and use your data. 

Can a member utilize MemberPass on an iPad?2020-10-06T14:07:29-06:00

No, iPads do not currently support the MemberPass app.

Who has access to my personal data?2020-10-07T09:22:22-06:00

Only you have access to your MemberPassTM data. MemberPassTM allows you to: 

  • Manage who you share your identity with 
  • Ensure you are sharing your identity with the intended recipient (i.e., you are sharing with your credit union versus a bad actor imitating your credit union) 
  • Store your digital credential on your secure device and never in a central database subject to compromise 

MemberPassTM puts you in control. You are the only one in control of your identity information and share it only when giving your permission. And only the intended recipient can access information from your MemberPassTM.

If I have accounts at different credit unions or banks, do I need a different MemberPass for each account or will one work for all of them?2020-10-07T09:00:37-06:00

MemberPass is a digital identity that will be issued by credit unions only. Members may have more than one MemberPass in their digital identity wallet if they belong to more than one credit union. The MemberPass digital identity wallet will allow the member to determine the source of truth (or the issuer) to vouch for a certain identity attribute that is being requested by a verifier.

What happens if I lose my phone?2020-10-07T09:19:20-06:00

If you lose your phone, your personal information in MemberPassTM remains encrypted and protected. Many phone handsets come with a remote erase function. We recommend that you follow your device manufacturer’s instructions to do this. Search for “Remote erase [handset] lost phone”. You should also report it lost to your carrier / mobile network provider and your credit union. 

However, since MemberPassTM is stored securely on your phone and requires your biometrics to access and share your credential, anyone else who intercepts your phone will not be able to steal your MemberPassTM credential. 

If you have backed up your MemberPassTM, you will be able to restore it during the set-up of MemberPassTM from your new device.  If you didn’t back up your MemberPassTM, you can notify your credit union to unenroll your MemberPassTM and issue a new one.

What if I want to delete my MemberPass?2020-10-07T09:04:16-06:00

You can delete your MemberPassTM by contacting your credit union or by following these three simple steps. 

  1. Click on the Connection you want to delete in the Connect.Me app 
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dot icon in the upper right corner 
  3. Select Delete Connection 

When you delete your MemberPassTM, all your personal information will be permanently removed from your device and you will no longer be able to use your MemberPassTM. 

If you chose to delete your MemberPassTMyour backup file will no longer work in the restore process. If you want to move your MemberPassTM to another phone, follow the instructions in “What if I get a new phone?”. 

I’m interested in signing up, where can I get a MemberPass?2020-10-07T09:22:31-06:00

MemberPassTM has completed a number of pilots and can only be obtained a few credit unions currently.  More credit unions will be offering MemberPassTM to their members soon!  Please check back in the future for news about MemberPassTM launching in your area.  Not a credit union member and interested in learning more about the credit union difference, visit to learn more! 

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